Olympic Swimming Sports - Tips for Players

People are always betting on sports such as soccer and basketball, and you will find ads on such wagers in different places. Over time, betting has become much more extensive than it was in the beginning and you can now place a bet on a swimming competition. All you need to do is find out as much as you can about swimming competitions and the likely outcomes. Armed with these, you will be ready to bet on a tournament and emerge the winner.

Making money from Olympic swimming sports

At first, people did not look at betting on swimming to be a lucrative undertaking, but this was until Michael Phelps took home eight medals in the year 2008. Such a huge win, especially considering that he bagged gold medals in all his competitions, opened up people’s eyes to the massive potential in betting on swimming. As of now, you can find different kinds of wagers to place on various platforms, and we are here to offer you some tips to help you double your money.

Odds and bets

The first thing that you will notice once you become interested in betting on swimming competitions is that people refer to such wagers as Moneyline bets. Some also call them straight up stakes and no matter the name used to describe the stake, the technique put to use is the same.

In such a case, you put your money on your most preferred candidate such that if they do win the race, you get to take home a considerable amount of winnings. You have the flexibility to choose anyone in the race, and you can take advantage of the odds to guide you towards making the right choice. If you use odds, you will realize that the most favorite person in the set brings in the least amount of money whereas the one less expected to win has very high stakes.

One way to go about such a bet is to divide your money and place it on different athletes. In this way, you increase your chances of winning on a wager and taking something home so as not to dent your pocket.

Take an example of a bet which involves six athletes.

Let us assume they have odds such as follows: A with 1.25, B with 1.33, C with 1.50, D with 2.00, E with 3.50 and F with 4.00. Suppose you come across such a bet spread; you will know that A is the most favored for a win while F stands the least chance of winning. As such, if you decide to place your money on A, you will put in four dollars for you to make a dollar while in the case of F, you will get three dollars for every dollar you spent. Seeing these odds can make you invest a considerable amount of money in F, but you should remember that their odds are as such because they have little chances of winning the race.

Other bets that you can make are on the fastest time taken to complete laps. The good thing about this kind of chance is that it is very involving and it will help you take your mind off your losing straight up bet.

Events to bet on

Types of swimming events

Swimming is a fast-growing sport, and there are many events in which you can participate on an annual basis. Take a look at some of the money makers.

European Tournament

This swimming event pits European swimmers against each other, and it is an excellent opportunity to place a straight up wager where you can predict the winner. It gets a lot of attention from both athletes and spectators as it is exhilarating.

FINA world tournament

For five days a year, swimmers all over the world compete for the top prizes, and you can get in on the action by placing wagers on different races.


Every four years, you get the chance to place all manners of bets on the sports in the Olympics. Predict the most likely swimming champions and make some money out of the process.

The best way to go about betting is by having adequate knowledge on the sport of swimming. Only then can you put your money where your mouth is. (Learn how everything went wrong at Rio Olympics 2016)