Environmental Hydrodynamic
& Sediment Transport
The focus of HydroQual’s Environmental Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport (EHS&T) services involves the application of physical oceanographic, hydraulic and computer science research for predicting circulation and the constituents they carry in lakes, reservoirs, rivers, estuaries and coastal oceans. HydroQual has developed and applied one-, two- and three-dimensional hydrodynamic and sediment transport models and processing tools, including visualization and animation routines, to problems associated with water and sediment quality, marine construction, wastewater outfalls, thermal discharges, oil and gas exploration and storm surges. HydroQual’s mathematical modeling system framework is graphically presented on our website.
Our hydrodynamic and sediment transport model (ECOMSED) has been applied on a large number of water bodies in the United States and throughout the world – a selected list of these projects is presented on our website (PDF). HydroQual engineers and scientists are also experienced in applying other public domain models developed and supported by the US Army Corps of Engineers and US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

These services include:

Environmental Hydrodynamics | Contaminated Sediment Transport | Mixing Zone Evaluations
Outfall/Intake Siting | Nowcast/Forecast Systems | Desalination Discharge Analysis
Thermal Discharge Analysis | Lake & Reservoir Simulations | Data Collection & Interpretation
Hydrodynamic & Sediment Transport Modeling Studies (PDF)